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I vowed I would never again care for someone so much...

I couldn't bear to lose them.

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Name:玄奘三蔵 • The 31st of T’ang, Priest Genjo Sanzo.
Birthdate:Nov 29

Genjo Sanzo is

On a journey to the West with his three companions, not that he would call them that. From a young age, then known as Kouryuu, the River Orphan Genjo Sanzo has had to overcome trials of all kinds. Demons. Curses. On top of that, raising a monkey.

With hair like the sun and dressed in the cream-colour to off-white robes of a Sanzo Priest, he is easily recognized by most (friend and foe alike.) Upon his brow is the crimson chakra that marks one chosen by Buddha. In addition to his robes he wears the Maten Sutra upon his shoulders, one of five of the Founding of Heaven and Earth Scriptures. He also carries his Smith & Wesson gun, a five shot, as well as his Harisen, a fan for (whacking) idiots.

Short-tempered, crass, cold, distrustful, but with a secretive heart that truly does show care for those he keeps close, Sanzo is very often looked over as a "shitty monk" with a poor grip on anything resembling friendship and honour. It couldn't be further from the truth. Sanzo, having lost his master Koumyou Sanzo at a young age, vows he will never again care for someone so much he couldn't bear to lose them, hence his aloof nature... though his true feelings for his travelling companions tends to be betrayed in crisis.

OOC contact / disclaimer

Carolyn ([info]amapleleafgirl) (e-mail) and whiteash001 (AIM)

Genjo Sanzo is the intellectual property of the creator of Gensomaden Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Reload Blast and Saiyuki Gaiden, Kazuya Minekura. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.
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